Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Room Divider

Does this look familiar to you?

Working from home has become more and more common since the start of the economy dip back in 2008.
With thousands of lay-offs, many small businesses were created, more and more people are working from their home offices, and even some corporations are allowing their employees to work from home to cut on cost.

The result of this dip is the booming trend of home offices.

Home offices have pushed their ways into our living rooms, dining rooms sometimes they even dare get inside our bedrooms (which by the way is a big nono and it is something I will touch on another time).

Personally I have lived for the longest time with an office inside my dining room, supposedly concealed in an armoire that I hated more than anything, an ugly monstrosity that literally swallowed my room, it was the worst buy I had ever made. Can you relate?

Nevertheless, I have created a home office inside a storage room that I was lucky enough to have inside my rental apartment and which was big enough to act as a really tiny home office. Pure luck and a creative mind.

But what do you do when you are not blessed with a storage room that can accommodate your little office space at home?

You are then forced to place your desk in your living space or dining space and you keep looking at it and it gets to you, and what do you do when you have guests over? You all stare together at the mess... Frustrating isn't it.

Well, thankfully we don't have to live like this anymore. As some pretty gorgeous book cases have been created to take care of this issue…

When you must share your living space with your workspace, and always having it in "your face", it can get pretty frustrating.

It starts crawling on your and you feel like you never really get a break.

This is why concealing your work space in a smart manner with beautiful book-cases that will complement your room's design and style, is a great thing.

There is also something pretty wonderful about your workspace being placed inside your living space; If you think about it for a moment. Your home office sharing your living space, acts as a subtle and smart way of marketing your business.
When visitors come who don't know what you do, they will become curious and ask. Your beautifully disguised workspace will intrigue others and it then become a conversation, what a great way to attract business and spread the word around.

Hiding your workspace away, also gives you a break. We all need a break from work, to refresh our mind and bring on new ideas.
Whether you work from home for a corporation or run your own business, you need to be creative, and the best ideas usually pop into mind at rest.
So fill your book case with books that inspire you, with beautiful objects that stimulate your imagination. Turn them into focal points to draw attention away from work when entertaining and when relaxing.

Another great aspect of these book-shelves is that they look good on both sides so they don't really have to lean against anything to hide an ugly side, they are see through, they let light peek through, so the space does not feel congested and there is a sense of lightness in the room.

With a wealth of beautiful and stylish bookcases you can now divide your space, hidaway your office and make an everlasting impression on your guest as well as enjoy your quite or productive times.

Love and Light


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