Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Round Table

So your spage is tight, you buy a sofa and 2 chairs and need a coffee table...
You get a rectangle coffee table or a square one, and they chew up the left over space you had.

What do you do?

Opt for oval or round tables instead, immediately you create an easier flow.

What round and oval tables do, they have no edges so the eye is not travelling in sharp angles and stopping, therefore there it keeps travelling in soft curves instead.
Also if you use glass with metal or wood or all glass, the table tends to be a lot less heavier or it disappears if it's all glass in your space and makes the room feel a lot lighter than opting for a solid surface, the transparency of the glass allows you to see through and therefore not eliminating part of the floor.

Another option if you have an extremely small space which is actually the trend now in new development condos and homes, use end tables, use two end tables as opposed to one round or oval.

Using side by side end tables let the eyes travel in a figure eight form, so it is constantly flowing - and do you remember what figure eight was in science?... Yes indeed, it is the sign of infinity...
Hope you've enjoyed this little tip that will make a big impact on your small space and help you live large!

Love and Light ♥


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